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"Bring Buca home," a phrase that resonated as Daniel began his journey to rescue his beloved dog Sambuca from a powerful crime family.

Birthdays were never a happy occasion for Daniel Tanner. He lost his parents, at age four when they went to purchase a birthday gift.

He moved back in with his grandfather who is struggling with Alzheimer's in Baxter Falls, CT. As a self-employed carpenter he was experiencing hardships, i.e., theft of materials, clients in arrears, and an unwanted puppy complicated his life. The dog Sambuca was a birthday gift for his thirty-first birthday. The same present his parents were going to procure for him. His guilt over their tragic death had caused him to resent dogs.

Meanwhile, in Misery, Kansas organized crime strong-armed a family to lease their farm. After a series of unfortunate events, the Wyatt's succumb to Mr. Dominick, the head of a mafia-esque syndicate.  The new venture will be headed by his son who has grandiose ideas and an immaturity level to match.

In the year that followed, Daniel and Sambuca bond. Daniel's business thrived until thieves attempt to steal his material. Daniel and Sambuca thwart the attempt. His canine companion saved his life. The episode cemented their friendship, and they become kindred spirits.

Sambuca gets kidnapped and Daniel was devasted. He tracked down the kidnapper and offered him an ultimatum he can't turn down. 

Daniel traveled to Misery, Kansas where small-town politics and trumped-up charges threaten to keep him from his mission. How can he save Sambuca when he can't save himself?

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The narrative is suspenseful, heartfelt, gut-wrenching, sometimes humorous and a roller coaster of emotions.  This page turner will have you begging for a sequel.  Don't worry... one is being planned!

The story line is unlike any dog story I've ever heard of or read before & that's what makes this story so unique, interesting and different from the rest.   Brian Mac ,​ CT  


A Novel by Glenn Canning​

I want more!   ​Nancy B., ​SC

I loved it.  It is very powerful.    Todd L., MA  

A real page turner.   Roger M., CT

All the characters are well thought out and the twists & turns were great... you brought me to tears several times.       Colleen G.,​ PA


The book is not published yet.