​​​​​In Misery, Kansas, Anthony Curtis and his Mafia-esque sidekick, Giancarlo "Little G" Dominick, strong-arm a farmer and his family for control of a decrepit homestead.  Meanwhile in Connecticut, a downtrodden young carpenter named Daniel struggles to survive amid a theft of his materials, clients in arrears, and an ailing grandfather with early signs of Alzheimer's.

When Daniel receives a puppy for his birthday, it's supposed to brighten his spirits.  Instead, it causes him to remember his parents' tragic death.  Yet Daniel's new canine comrade, Sambucca, quickly becomes his best friend.  A year later, "Bucca" is kidnapped and sold to the Dominick family.  Daniel and his grandfather set out to find Bucca, but small-town politics and trumped-up charges leave Daniel facing the prospect of a long prison term.  How will he save Bucca, when he can't seem to save himself?

I want more!   ​Nancy B., ​SC


If you have any questions or comments, especially about Chapter 1, or have a picture of you and your pit bull, please email me. I'd love to hear from you! glenncanning17@gmail.com

All the characters are well thought out and the twists & turns were great... you brought me to tears several times.       Colleen G.,​ PA

The narrative is suspenseful, heartfelt, gut-wrenching, sometimes humorous and a roller coaster of emotions.  This page turner will have you begging for a sequel.  Don't worry... one is being planned!

The story line is unlike any dog story I've ever heard of or read before & that's what makes this story so unique, interesting and different from the rest.   Brian Mac ,​ CT  


The book is not published yet. 

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I loved it.  It is very powerful.    Todd L., MA  

A real page turner.   Roger M., CT

A Novel by Glenn Canning​